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Smart Virtual Fiber and Surveillance Solution for Critical Infrastructure

The railway is the backbone of a city’s public transit system, carrying citizens around for daily commutes. With average weekday patronage of 5.5 million passengers, the MTR Corporation in Hong Kong is world-renowned for its commitment to railway operation safety, reliability, customer service, and cost efficiency. Read on to see how MTR achieves a rapid deployment of a highly reliable wireless surveillance system that provides the abundant throughput for the demanding numbers of IP cameras.

Wireless surveillance system upgrade for safer and smarter city

Moreton Bay is the third largest local government area in Australia with a population of 425,000. The regional council has been using a wireless network for their surveillance system in Caboolture, Deception Bay and Strathpine for years, however with the advancement of IP camera technology, the network is unable to accommodate the vigorous bandwidth needs of HD and 4K network cameras.  Anywhere Networks' X20 network nodes provided the wireless links for the IP surveillance cameras as well as the wireless backhaul to the Council's command centre. 

wireless Surveillance Infrastructure JaBal Omar construction project

Umm Al Qura needed to have surveillance during the construction of the project. Since a construction site is always changing and needs to adapt and expand, there are difficulties with achieving line of sight. Therefore, traditional PtP and PtMP solutions did not work. With Anywhere Networks' patented Intellgent Connectivity Anywhere (ICA) technology, Umm Al Qura is reliably able to connect a demanding number of IP cameras, overcoming the physical constraint of the construction area and providing a reliable, highly secure and redundant wireless network.

Safe Event-Wireless Surveillance for Singapore Geylang Serai Bazaar

Event security is complex and challenging. Venue surveillance, traffic control, and crowd management are among the various aspects of ensuring a safe experience for visitors and at the same time improving the operational efficiency for the organizer. Read on to see how Anywhere Networks' Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology helps the Geylang Serai Bazaar Organizer achieve rapid deployment of the robust and flexible surveillance system within a day.

Wireless Mesh Video Surveillance for Safe City

Smart city is a safe city, where everywhere can be seen clearly. Outdoor surveillance encounters challenges in physical constraints and disrupted connection points that lengthen installation time. The quest for high video streaming quality is putting pressure on reliable wireless transmission. Read on to see how Anywhere Networks' Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology revolutionized the way a safe city surveillance system is deployed at Hong Kong Science Park.

Enabling Rapid Deployment of Safe Campus Surveillance System at Fung Kai Schools

Paired with network cameras, P2’s patented "Smart Virtual Fiber" technology delivers the ideal safe campus surveillance solution for Fung Kai Schools, enabling the rapid deployment of network cameras in the exact locations required without the expense and limitations of cabling or wires. P2’s MeshRanger which acts like Smart Virtual Fiber extends connectivity to exactly where video surveillance is needed.

Wireless Mesh Video Transmission Network for CCTV System at MTR Stations 

As one of the world's leading railway operator, MTR Corporation is renowned for its safety, reliability, customer services and cost efficiency. With average weekday patronage of nearly 5.3 million passengers across the nine railway lines, light rail network, Airport Express, and the intercity railway services, the Corporation has always striven to improve their overall efficiency by employing the latest technology available in the industry. 


Hong Kong Fire Services Training School

A Complete Cabling-Free Video Surveillance System for Hong Kong Fire Services Training School


Without using a single piece of cable, a video surveillance system is established over a wireless mesh network, overcoming the physical infeasibility of cabling construction at the hilly site.


24/7 Mobile and Wireless Access Video SurveillanCE AT BUSAN NEWPORT

Busan Newport is Korea 's primary and largest port, acting as the main gateway to the Pacific Ocean and the Eurasian continents. In order to extend the CCTV surveillance coverage to improve maritime management and safety, Anywhere Networks, working with the partner, has deployed a Smart Mesh Ring wireless network to expand the existing wired network. It links twelve high - definition IP cameras to the wireless backbone and also provides WiFi connectivity for protected mobile devices for remote video surveillance in the Busan Newport.
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