Why Anywhere Networks?

The future of intelligent networks

The newly released Anywhere Operating System (A-OS) is the future of intelligent networks and the clear choice for significant-size SmartCity and SafeCity deployments. It leverages an existing fixed infrastructure providing additional capacity, redundancy, and extended reach.



A throughput of 1000 Mbps and lowest latency wireless solution on the market connecting up to several hundreds of HD cameras. 


Cost Competitiveness 

The price is competitive and there are no license fees!


Ease of use

Its designed to be easy to configure, install and maintain.



The network is easily adaptable and scalable while maintaining fiber-like performance. 



Unique mesh protocol provides automatic rerouting and no single point of failure. 



3-Tier security with AES encryption is standard. 

Flexible Topology

Anywhere Networks’ mesh technology offers more flexibility when it comes to topology design when compared to other non-MESH wireless technology providers that offer ONLY “Point-to-Point” and “Point-to-Multi-Point” solutions. Anywhere Networks offers all 5 wireless Topologies for maximum SmartCity scalability.

Unique PTP Features

Our intelligent mesh networks have such unique PTP features as: dedicated radio and RF channel for each link, where dual 5GH Radio provides high throughput PtP links with less than 5% hop-to-hop performance degradation.  Our systems provide auto-selection of alternative uplink path and can route data traffic to an alternative uplink when the original uplink path is blocked or bad condition.

Support Single or Multiple Gateways

Anywhere's mesh networks are flexible and support single or multiple gateways providing guaranteed network availability and network load balancing. Easy to configure software, SmartMoment, can be easily configured onsite to establish wireless link to the adjacent nodes without requiring central management.

No Hidden Cost

Our Smart Virtual Fiber®enables rapid deployment of video surveillance systems by expanding the network connectivity, with NO hidden project costs. Anywhere Network's patented technologies and products are engineered for high bandwidth and low latency wireless deployments, including multi-hopping daisy-chain and redundant ring network structures. 

Extensive network Scalability

Anywhere Networks provides intelligent networking solutions and services for SmartCity implementations, with an immediate focus on SafeCity application. 

Our secure network infrastructure is scalable to 19,200 nodes and 300 data gateways. It was deployed in 15 countries by tier-1 global channel partners.