Wi-Fi Infrastructure Replacement for the Information Engineering Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong 


The Information Engineering (IE) Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), which was established by Nobel Prize winner Professor ​​Charles Kao, and is the home of many top-notch professors, is undoubtedly one of the most well-known research centers of communication technologies in the world.

Bringing Seamless Theme Park Experience to Millions of Guests of Hong Kong Ocean Park

During a recent rennovation of Hong Kong Ocean Park's network infrastructure for the entertainment staff, P2's Smart Virtual Fiber enables connections not feasible for cabling and improves the visitor experience of the park.

Hong Kong Police DVIU Training Powered By
P2 WIRELESS Mesh Technology

This story is featured in Police Report by RTHK. During a walk-through of a unit training drill, viewers can see how the P2 mesh solution works in real-life situation.

High-Density Wi-Fi Tailored for the e-Learning Classroom 

High-density Wi-Fi powered by DensityBoost technology supporting 40 simultaneous connection for each of the 27 classrooms across campus;

Efficient access control by employing different SSID, securely separating private and guest network; Convenient single-sign-on of Hong Kong Education City account; The sticky client issue successfully tackled with built-in immediate roaming technology

Hong Kong Police College Embrace e-Learning with P2 High-Density Wi-Fi Tailored for the Classroom

High-density Wi-Fi powered by advanced technology supporting 40 simultaneous connection for each classroom  

High Security and Comprehensive Wi-Fi Deployment Project—21 sites Under the Control of One Centralized Controller
Over 250 APs under the control of only ONE controller

Deployment sites include branches at the most luxury office towers in Hong Kong such as Pacific Place, iSquare, Langham Place, One Peking Road, Soundwill Plaza, Time Square and Henry House etc.

Wi-Fi Extension Project—Eliminating Blind Spots of Traditional Wi-Fi Routers

In the 22-hectare Hong Kong Science and Technology Park which is a center of laboratories and engineering companies, high volume passenger flow is inevitable every day after work; and thousands of people have to stay in the closely packed waiting zone of bus and shuttle bus for quite a while.

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Enhances Ward Security With A Reliable Wireless Mesh Baby Tag System

To ensure the overall security in caretaking and eliminate the risk of baby snatching, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital renovates their baby tag system with P2 MeshRanger.

Hassle-Free Ad-hoc Network for an Event

Wouldn't it be nice if there is an easy-to-set-up network solution for events, so that every time when you set up a booth in a tradeshow, or set up the tradeshow itself, your Wi-Fi network can be installed immediately without the need of laying a single piece of cable and work smoothly all through the event?

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