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x22e Anywhere Network Node

Product Category: 

Anywhere Network Node (Dual Radio)

Product Type:

Outdoor Dual Radio Unit

Product Series:

x20 Series

Product Summary:

2 External Antenna with small form factor


  • High throughput wireless surveillance backhauling applications

  • Train connectivity / mobility applications (Unique to A-NN X22e)* 

  • Supports PtP, PtMP, Daisy-chain, Ring, Mesh Network Topologies

  • Supports Up to 600 Mbps throughput 

  • Greater than 10 hops backhauling

  • 20/40/80 MHz channel

  • 2 × 5 GHz radio

  • IP 67 weatherproof

  • 6kV surge protection

  • Supports A-OS


A-NN X20 series is a high-performance dual 5 GHz radios wireless backhaul unit designed for flexible and expandable deployment regardless of physical constraints, and the model X22e Anywhere Network Node is a high-performance dual 5 GHz radios wireless backhaul unit designed for seamless network connectivity and applications in dynamic and high-speed mobile environment, enabling high throughput, low latency and no packet loss.

Our Connectivity Technology breaks the traditional hopping limitation of wireless networks by tackling the multi-hop bandwidth degradation, enables X20 to extend connectivity to the locations where extensive fibre optic cabling is unfeasible due to a tight timescale and supports over 10 hops and up to 600 Mbps world's leading end-to-end ring topology backhauling speed.


Build an intelligent network that works for you 

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