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x32e Anywhere Network Node

Product Category: 

Anywhere Network Node (Dual Radio)

Product Type:

Outdoor Dual Radio Unit

Product Series:

x30 Series

Product Summary:

2 External Antennas Only


  • Ultra-high throughput wireless surveillance backhauling application

  • Supports PtP, PtMP, Daisy-chain, Ring, Full Mesh Topologies

  • Supports up to 1,000 Mbps throughput

  • Greater than 20 hops backhauling with deployment flexibility

  • 2 × 5 GHz radio, 1 × 2.4 / 5 GHz radio

  • models with integrated and external antennas

  • PoE input and output port

  • Built-in heater

  • Selectable hardware RF filter

  • IP 67 weatherproof 

  • 6kV surge protection

  • Supports A-OS 


A-NN X30 series is an industrial-grade 5GHz tri/dual radio wireless backhaul unit series designed for flexible and expandable deployments regardless of physical constraints.

Our Connectivity Technology breaks the traditional hopping limitation of wireless networks by tackling the multi-hop bandwidth degradation, enable the nodes to extend connectivity to the locations where extensive fibre optic cabling is unfeasible due to a tight timescale.

With the built-in selectable hardware RF filter, our products provide interference isolation for delivering the highest end-to-end network throughput with this exceptional triple-raido device. 


Build an intelligent network that works for you 

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