Anywhere Networks

Anywhere Networks (AN) is a leading wireless mesh technology company offering flexible and expandable network solutions for bandwidth-demanding applications, industrial and mission-critical infrastructure.

Our patented “Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere” technology revolutionizes the way multiple devices are connected. Our flagship Anywhere Node series eliminate the constraints of extensive fiber optic cabling and enable an easy and rapid deployment for IP cameras, Sensors, and IoT devices. AN's Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere network is easy to set up and configure using Ring or Daisy-Chain topology. This flexible mesh architecture provides high bandwidth, low latency, and self-healing connections to meet the most demanding connectivity requirements.

Why Partner With Us?

Performance - Higher throughput (1000 Mbps) and lowest latency wireless solution on the market connecting up to several hundreds of HD cameras. 


Cost competitive - The price is competitive and there are no license fees!


Easy to use - Its designed to be easy to configure, install and maintain.


Scalability - The network is easily adaptable and scalable while maintaining fiber-like performance. 


Redundancy - Unique mesh protocol provides automatic rerouting and no single point of failure. 


Security - 3-Tier security with AES encryption.  

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