Anywhere Solutions

Smarter, safer and more sustainable connectivity across industries

Modern technology allows government organizations, businesses, and industrial companies to manage today's challenges much faster and more effectively. Reliable wireless communication is the key safety factor for any urban, suburban or rural area. Multiple industries and markets rely on capturing critical video, sharing essential data and enabling critical infrastructure. Anywhere Networks is particularly well suited to address such challenges and provide flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


We collaborate with leading companies to provide complete networking and security solutions. Our global network of skilled system integrators deploys flexible and easy to use wireless networking and video-surveillance solutions at a fraction of a cost of wired solutions. Anywhere Networks' wireless mesh capabilities are unmatched and allow great time and money savings. Most importantly, our hardware and software provide sustainable connectivity. It ensures high video quality and system reliability in any challenging environment.

Smart City Connectivity

Intelligent connectivity of IoT devices anywhere.  Anywhere Networks leverages fixed infrastructure and provides additional capacity, extended reach, and redundancy to any device anywhere.  Connect devices to the network anywhere where connectivity is needed.

Smart city

Smart cities rely on intelligent infrastructure to measure critical infrastructure, gather data and provide a safe environment for the citizens. 

Anywhere Networks’ wireless mesh systems provide public safety and other effective communication services that capture and streamline data from millions of sensors and devices. Unique features of our mesh equipment supersede the industry standard and provide communication solutions that grow the number of nodes and applications without growing the IoT-connectivity budget.


  • Smart street lighting

  • Smart parking

  • Traffic congestion data

  • Air pollution measuring

  • Internet of Things

  • Wastewater management



  • Municipalities

  • Energy & Utilities

  • Transportation / ITS

safe City Connectivity

Connect video cameras in 19,200 locations, leverage current infrastructure, and manage the entire network from one management system. Anywhere Networks provides the highest level of network security.

Safe city

Safe City projects improve the safety of citizens. Gathering intelligence help reduce or even prevent crime and increase operational efficiency. Multiple security elements and various city services must be managed to allow citizens to use and take advantage of the city-wide technology-based services.


  • Physical infrastructure protection

  • Public security

  • Disaster management

  • Crime Prevention

  • Municipality control

  • Exhibition and events

  • Festivals, concerts and markets

  • Construction sites

  • Self-quarantine management solution


  • Military & government

  • Sports & entertainment

  • Utilities

  • Education

  • Healthcare 

  • Hospitality

intelligent transport

Connect any standard Ethernet IoT device, such as video cameras and WiFi access points, on any vehicle (bus, first responder vehicle, train, tram, industrial vehicles, etc.) in real time to a central monitor solution. 

Intelligent transport

The stricter safety and environmental requirements are changing the transport and automotive industry dramatically. The transformation it is undergoing drives Innovation and making the industry adopt more advanced technology. Sensors, embedded software and increased demand for data processing for more efficient logistics requires reliable connectivity. Anywhere Networks’ wireless mesh network provides an economical solution for distributing critical information required for safe transportation systems operations. Our Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology helps mass transit systems, airports and seaports in many countries around the globe to stream real-time video from remote locations and onboard security cameras and receive diagnostics data from vehicles


  • Railways

  • Freight ports 

  • Rapid transit

  • Terminal & airports

  • Piers & bridges


  • Travel

  • Public transportation

  • Commercial freight

industrial connectivity

Collect all information that matters anywhere on one intelligent network.  Anywhere Networks provides industrial grade solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications such as ports, mines, oil fields, pipelines, manufacturing, construction, and more. 

Industrial connectivity

Wireless Mesh technology provides mission-critical condition monitoring, security, and wireless automation. The scalability and reliability of Anywhere Networks’ wireless mesh architecture enable the simultaneous streaming of data and video. It connects multiple devices, sensors, security, and control equipment at industrial seaports, tank farms, gas plants, chemical plants, power plants, and water treatment facilities. Today's industrial/manufacturing plants require productivity- and safety-enhancing applications which demand industrial IoT connectivity. Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology redefines conventional industrial security systems, enabling real-time video monitoring and helps address security issues.


  • Plants & Warehouses

  • Extraction Fields

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Industrial Refineries

  • Electricity, Water, Gas Cable & Telephone Utilities


  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Agriculture

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