Wireless Networks

mesh-empowered industrial sites

Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology redefines conventional industrial security systems, enabling real-time video monitoring and helps address security issues.

Stable and Robust Network

Self-recovery mesh architecture limits downtime. The mesh link quickly auto-reroutes when its link quality drops below the optimal level, ensuring a resilient network. Our Intelligent  Connectivity Anywhere technology provides resilience, reliability, scalability, security, and supports low power applications.

Withstanding Harsh Conditions

Designed for industrial use, withstanding harsh weather and environmental conditions, our products are made of industrial grade materials, IP67 rated, tested for salt-spray, vibration, extreme thermal conditions, moisture, shock, and dust.

covering Extensive Site Networks

Flexibility of creating a network across extensive sites either permanently or temporarily allows for rapid deployment of the gigabit multi-relay wireless network with a significant reduction in costs.

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