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Smart, safe, and sustainable
CONNECTIVITY across industries


intelligent transport

Connect any standard Ethernet IoT device, such as video cameras and WiFi access points, on any vehicle (bus, first responder vehicle, train, tram, industrial vehicles, etc.) in real time to a central monitor solution. 

Intelligent transport

The stricter safety and environmental requirements are changing the transport and automotive industry dramatically. The transformation it is undergoing drives towards the adaptation of advanced technology.

Sensors, embedded software, and demand for real-time data processing for efficient logistics require reliable connectivity.
Anywhere Networks’ wireless mesh network provides an economical solution for distributing critical information required for safe transportation systems operations.

Our Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology helps mass transit systems, airports and seaports in many countries around the globe to stream real-time video from remote locations and onboard security cameras and receive diagnostics data from vehicles from anywhere at anytime. 

REal time MonitorinG AND OFFLOADING 


Modern technology allows the government, enterprises and growing transportation cooperations to manage today's day to day challenges faster and more effectively.


Reliable wireless communication is the key safety factor for any urban, suburban or rural area. Multiple industries and markets rely on capturing critical video, sharing essential data, and enabling critical infrastructure embedded into society's daily interactions.


Anywhere Networks is particularly well suited to address such challenges and provides the flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in 24-7 network connectivity to elevate smooth operations to the next level.



Anywhere Networks collaborates with leading companies to provide complete networking and security solutions. Our global network of skilled system integrators deploys flexible and easy-to-use wireless networking and video surveillance solutions at a fraction of the cost of wired solutions.

Our mobility solution allows for reliable connectivity even in abrasive weather conditions with the capacity to assist in numerous fleet or vehicle offloading simultaneously to free up the time of operational staff from time-consuming IT or security checks resulting in downtime of daily operations from the fleet and its operators. 

Anywhere Networks' wireless mesh capabilities allow great time and money savings due to its unique dual radio attributes. We are a must-have solution when entering the world of digital twin and real-time augmented reality related solutions. Most importantly, our hardware and software provide sustainable connectivity to any type of solution for the needs of today and tomorrow.

Build an intelligent network that works for you 

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