network Technology

  • Highest level of network security

  • Highest level of performance

  • High level of scalability, 19,200 locations and 300 data gateways on one network

  • Ease of use, standard Ethernet connectivity anywhere

  • Multi-path transmission

  • Load balance


  • Class of Service

  • Artificial intelligence, environment aware self-optimization

  • Low latency

  • High network stability

  • Intelligent broadcast traffic management

  • Intuitive GUI for network management

Proprietary technology enables unlimited hops

Our Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere (ICA) technology breaks the traditional hopping limitation of wireless mesh networks. It allows boundless extension of network connectivity that has never been easier before.


Self-Healing ability promises resilient Networks

Anywhere Networks' exclusive self-healing algorithm allows alternative routing path for data path overloads and fail-over redundancy, securing network reliability for mission-critical infrastructures. Hence, mesh nodes are able to automatically switch to other healthy mesh links in the case of a connectivity failure.


Target link throughput up to 1,000 Mbps

Successfully tackling the multi-hop bandwidth degradation, ICA technology enables the world's leading true end-to-end wireless backhaul. Data demanding applications are dependent on reliable networks without point of failure. 

A3 Poster P2 Wireless Video Surveillance

Efficient alternative to wired solution for rapid deployment

Totally wireless, the Anywhere Network Nodes (A-NN) X series offer flexibility for sites where cabling may not be feasible or practical. Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology delivers unprecedented performance under tight timescale.

Network Hub and Cable
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