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Join the Intelligent Connectivity revolution and grow your business! We empower and reward VARs, integrators, and service providers who focus their sales efforts on promoting our intelligent network solutions worldwide. We provide our partners with easy access to our technology, product training, sales, and marketing support.


Our leading technology and product cost-effectiveness help partners to increase revenue and profitability in today's projects for tomorrow's success.

Enabling Success

Anywhere Networks focuses on partner relationships as our core go-to-market strategy. To enable your success, we have created a Partner Program consisting of three different varieties of partnerships to be able to accommodate your interests in the best way possible. 


Why Anywhere Networks?

When infrastructure connectivity really matters, Anywhere Networks' technology is unparalleled in providing auto-recovery and real-time responsive multi-path connectivity. Our solution is easy and quick to deploy extensive and secure networks to provide services to intelligently and reliably stay connected using simple standard Ethernet devices managed with one network unified. Together with our channel partners, we provide highly differentiated and intelligent networking solutions and services for a variety of SmartCity and SafeCity applications.


Anywhere Networks provides extensive resources, training, incentives, and engagement to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. The knowledge base is available online and contains case studies, datasheets, manuals, and pedagogical videos, making working with wireless networks easier than ever.

partner program requirements and benefits summary



Anywhere Network Features

Performance - Higher throughput (1000 Mbps) and lowest latency wireless solution on the market connecting up to several hundreds of HD cameras. 


Cost competitive - The price is competitive and there are no license fees!


Easy to use - Its designed to be easy to configure, install and maintain.


Scalability - The network is easily adaptable and scalable while maintaining fiber-like performance. 


Redundancy - Unique mesh protocol provides automatic rerouting and no single point of failure. 


Security - 3-Tier security with AES encryption.  

Build an intelligent network that works for you 

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