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Video SurveillancE 


Redefining conventional

security surveillance

The Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology we developed redefines conventional security surveillance, enabling real-time full HD video monitoring for areas where installing cable is not possible or cost-efficient. 

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Instant Protection For Critical Facilities

Any threats to mission-critical facilities, including nuclear, electrical power, water, and chemical plants can be reliably prevented with our simple and fast cable-free deployments. The flexibility of our Anywhere Network Node series secures coverage despite architectural and geographical constraints, such as building structure, remote locations, and mountainous terrain. Our video surveillance solutions allow real-time event monitoring, detection, and post-event analysis to easily identify and prevent criminal actions.


24/7 Real-Time Networks

Anywhere Networks mesh technology provides dynamic and non-hierarchical connectivity. Anywhere Network Nodes communicate with one another and route data from/to clients efficiently. Unlike the traditional Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP) networks, our nodes participate in the relay of information without failure. Dynamic self-organization and self-configuration enable dynamic distribution of workloads, despite the case when a few nodes might fail. This fault-tolerance reduces maintenance costs. A Self-recovery network with fail-over redundancy paths and unique controller-independent architecture provides unrivalled reliability.


deployment Flexibility and Performance  

Our Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology offers flexibility in the deployment of cameras to locations previously not feasible. Without the constraint of cables or leased fixed lines, surveillance coverage area can be extended at a lower cost. A grid may be easily restructured from time to time to accommodate changing or temporary needs. Gigabit network supports simultaneous feeds of more than 80 x HD surveillance cameras, or 20 x 4K surveillance cameras. Premium performance designed to meet the demand for absolute and complete security.

Build an intelligent network that works for you 

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