Flexible NETWORK Topology

At Anywhere Networks, we believe it's vital for each and every network to be well designed, and every aspect of potential threat to the network's stability to be carefully considered. With the efficiency of our A-OS and A-NM tools, the Anywhere Network Dual-Radio nodes and accessories provide endless possibilities to solve some of the inter-connectiveness of today's problems. 




Full Mesh 
  • A-OS provides full mesh capabilities

  • Multiple path redundancy 

  • Scales to 19,200 nodes in a single network

  • Perfect for mobile applications and larger IoT, Safe City and Smart City projects

  • Supports mobility

  • High 3-tier security with AES encryption

AN Wireless Full Mesh.png
Ring mesh
  • Leading dual radio architecture uses each location as a repeater to get line-of-sight without sacrificing performance

  • Supports over 20 wireless hops

  • Go around obstacles and get line-of-sight easily 

  • Lowers interference and provides longer distances between links with panel antennas

  • Full redundancy with no single point of failure for critical infrastructure deployments

  • High 3-tier security with AES encryption

X32 X33 Ring.png
daisy chain
  • Extended Network coverage 

  • Less than 5% UDP degradation per hop

  • Go around obstacles and get line-of-sight easily 

  • Lower interference and longer distances because of panel antennas

  • Full redundancy, no single point of failure

  • High 3-tier security with AES encryption

X32 X33 Daisy-chain.png



Although we are completely capable of Point-To-Multipoint (PTMP) deployments, we strongly discourage them due to a number of factors of running the risk for a less desirable network. 

point-to-multipoint limitations
  • Difficult to get line-of-sight to all locations

  • Single point of failure 

  • Difficult to scale

  • Co-channel interference issues

  • Multiple link synchronization leads to packet loss

Traditional PtP PtMP.png



advantages of NETWORK


The future of intelligent networks

wireless Video Surveillance
Security Camera

Anywhere Networks' smart mesh technology redefines conventional security surveillance, enabling real-time full HD video monitoring for area where installing cable is difficult.

Industrial Wireless Network

Anywhere Networks' industrial grade products provide a robust and stable network for extensive sites such as water plants, refineries and container ports.

Smart City networks
Urban View

Our intelligent connectivity anywhere technology revolutionizes critical city infrastructure management and IoT devices reliability across the most demanding urban sites globally.

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