Smart City


Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology revolutionizes city management and IoT devices reliability across the globe. Cities around the world are evolving to the realization of an urgent need to leverage smart technology in order to enhance people's lifestyle, increase economic growth and make the city life more efficient. Advanced mesh technology is making an impact on smart lighting, traffic and parking systems, public safety and much more. Our wireless mesh communication networks make city services more intelligent, efficient and ubiquitous.

Simple & scalable architecture

Our diverse mesh system configuration is easily adaptable to any size smart grid systems. Any existing mesh system can be easily expanded in the future. Wireless link redundancy and auto-recovery features are incorporated for highly resilient network structure. Clusters of nodes can be interconnected to create one SmartCity network with up to 300 clusters per network, one IP address.

Short Lead Time

Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere (ICA) technology we developed allows our high capacity network connections available in a matter of hours. Mesh networks of any complexity can be deployed quickly and without extensive disruption to the neighborhood. Minimal onsite engineering work and civil work makes installations less costly. 

Shorter lead time to rolling out smart metering projects, product flexibility and ease of deployment provide reduced upfront network investment.

Minimized Environmental Impact

Our products have a minimal environmental impact as no digging of roads or alteration of existing buildings is required for wireless installations. They are deployable across geographically challenging terrain, structurally challenging obstacles or historical buildings. Moreover, the wireless infrastructure of our systems allows to save significantly and make connectivity affordable.

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