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We connect critical infrastructure and make the public safer and more productive. Our networks connect video cameras and any IoT devices anywhere to enable a Smart City implementation. Our intelligent network technology and solutions provide extended reach, incremental capacity, and redundancy to any existing city infrastructure. 


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Anywhere Networks provides scalable, secure, high capacity intelligent network connectivity for Smart Cities, Safe Cities, Transportation Networks, and Industrial environments. 


Anywhere Networks?

Anywhere Networks propels the future of intelligent networks and is the clear choice for significant scale Internet of Things connectivity deployments covering areas that require connectivity for densely situated devices in a few and thousands of locations.

Intelligent Networks

Our networks intelligently and seamlessly connect any IoT devices, such as IP surveillance cameras, sensors and other essential network components in bandwidth demanding applications anywhere.



Smart City Connectivity

Smart City Connectivity

Intelligent connectivity of IoT devices anywhere: Anywhere Networks leverages fixed infrastructure and provides additional capacity, extended reach, and redundancy to any device anywhere. Connect devices to the network anywhere where connectivity is needed.

Safe City Networks

Connect video cameras in 19,200 locations, leverage current infrastructure, and manage the entire network from one management system.  Anywhere Networks provides the highest level of network security.

Safe city networks

Transportation Networks 

Connect any standard Ethernet IoT device, such as video cameras and WiFi access points, on any vehicle (bus, first responder vehicle, train, tram, industrial vehicles, etc.) in real-time to a central monitoring solution.


Industrial Networks

Flexibility of creating a network across extensive industrial sites either permanently or temporarily allows for rapid deployment of the gigabit multi-relay wireless network with a significant reduction in costs.


Self-Quarantine Solution

End-to-end self-quarantine management solution for the real time monitoring, tracking & contact tracing


Anywhere Networks provides an extensive range of hardware and software that enable intelligent connectivity anywhere. Our advanced operating system, A-OS, allows to build and manage extensive multi-hop networks with up to 19,200 network nodes.

Anywhere Networks is exhibiting at the leading technology events. Stop by our booth, learn about our unique products and technology. We'll be happy to share with you our success story and why system integrators partner with us.

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Take advantage of our advanced mesh technology and products that offer unique features and make our solutions unmatched in the industry. Enjoy a healthy margin and grow your business. Make a difference for rural and urban communities around the globe by providing the best in class Public Safety, SmartCity, IoT, Video Surveillance, and Security solutions.

With our support, you will be equipped for success and serve your customers from such multiple vertical markets as government, transportation, utilities, industrial, enterprise, education, healthcare, hospitality and more.


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