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Healthcare organizations can benefit from wireless mesh network technology for creating a more robust intranet and IT infrastructure to improve its daily operations, service efficiency, and service quality.

The Anywhere Networks solution enable hospitals to prioritize and manage emergencies as well as maintain optimum operation.

Asset tracking and automating building functions create more hygienic, safer, and easier work environments for healthcare workers.

Healthcare environments are becoming more and more overloaded with many low-frequency IoT devices, creating frequency congestion for higher levels of IT management and support usually suitable for other industrial scenarios.

Anywhere Networks offers the solution to allow IT managers to have more control over their network, systems and set appropriate prioritizes for staff and patience alike

Wireless networks in healthcare settings are overloaded with low-frequency IoT devices and require wireless mesh networks for managers to have better control over their networks and data to achieve optimal performance in important daily operations, protecting patient data, overseeing building security, and operating internal and external communication systems.



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