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Anywhere Operating System


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Anywhere Operating System (A-OS) is the future of intelligent networks and the clear choice for significant SmartCity and SafeCity deployments. The A-OS is designed to leverage existing fixed infrastructure, provide additional capacity, redundancy, and extended reach to where any standard Ethernet IoT device connectivity is required. If no fixed infrastructure is in place, A-OS will connect the network nodes that connect the IoT devices wirelessly. A fully deployed A-OS network is designed to connect IoT devices to network nodes in up to 19,200 physical locations. It is also designed to offload a large amount of data it manages at 300 network gateway locations.


A-OS is developed to be a most secure network infrastructure that intelligently and reliably connects IoT devices anywhere. The network solution implements critical infrastructure network functions such as intelligent data path selection, multipath transmission, dynamic load balancing, class-of-service services, environment aware optimization, low latency, and generate minimal network jitter. The entire network is managed by the new A-NM, Anywhere Node Manager.


Key Features


Ethernet connectivity

  • Place network nodes where Ethernet connectivity is required

  • Single IP address for Centralized management

  • One network (one IP address) can manage up to 19,200 network nodes (locations) and 300 network access gateways


Flow-based routing

  • Intelligent dynamic path selection

  • Multi-path transmission

  • Load balance

  • Class of Service

  • Environment aware optimization

  • Highest level of network security

  • Low latency

  • High level of network stability, no network jitter (no stack inspection required)

  • BUM traffic management: Intelligent broadcast traffic management

Key Features

Fast Network


  • Easy and convenient setup for a fast network deployment

  • Easy access with a single Management IP

  • Auto-discover all nodes and detect the network topology automatically


UI design

  • Graphical view of the network with intuitive UI design

  • Visualize links and node status in real time

  • Directly make changes by clicking the

  • graphical topology



  • Compact tool for system integrators and network engineers to manage different projects time

  • Portable Windows application

  • Manage multiple networks with projects