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Anywhere Node Manager

Product Category: 

Anywhere Software

Product Type:

Network Management Platform

Product Series:


Product Summary:

Tool for node alignment, recovery, reboot, throughput test and software rest


  • Quick Staging Function Dashboard View 

  • Runtime Topology View of a Cluster

  • Access Device Log

  • Project Based Cluster Management 

  • Support Custom Background Image

  • Node Management Project Backup (Include Mgmt IP, Cert, device list)

  • View Network Statistic Advanced Statistic (e.g. pkt drop, tx retries)  

  • Firmware Upgrade (Single node and Cluster wide) 

  • Graphical indication of link bandwidth and utilization

  • Single Node and Cluster Wide Configuration 

  • Configuration Backup & Restore for Single node and Cluster wide networks


A-NM Functions

  • Antenna Alignment Tool (for A-OS v1.2 or above)

  • Node Recovery

  • Node Reboot 

  • Throughput Test Tool

  • Software Reset Function 

Easy and convenient setup for a fast network deployment 

  • Easy access with a single Management IP 

  • Auto-discover all nodes and detect the network topology automatically 

Graphical view of the network with intuitive UI design

  • Visualize links and node status in real time 

  • Directly make changes by clicking

Compact tool for system integrators and network engineers to manage different projects

  • Portable Windows application

  • Manage multiple networks with projects


Build an intelligent network that works for you 

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