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Anywhere Operating System

Product Category: 

Anywhere Firmware

Product Type:

Network Node Firmware

Product Series:


Product Summary:

Self-healing and low-latency network operating system


Ethernet connectivity

  • Place network nodes where Ethernet connectivity is required

  • Single IP address for Centralized management

  • One network (one IP address) can manage up to 19,200 network nodes (locations) and 300 network access gateways

Flow-based routing

  • Intelligent dynamic path selection

  • Multi-path transmission

  • Load balance

  • Class of Service

  • Environment aware optimization

  • Highest level of network security

  • Low latency

  • High level of network stability, no network jitter (no stack inspection required)

  • BUM traffic management: Intelligent broadcast traffic management


Anywhere Networks provides an advanced operating system (A-OS) to help users easily manage individual nodes or extensive multi-hop wireless networks scaling up to 19,200 network nodes simultaneously. The Anywhere Operating System (A-OS) is the future of intelligent networks and the clear choice for significantly sized Smart City, Safe City, and enterprise level deployments.

A-OS is designed to optimize data tranmissions behind-the-scene to make sure networks are versitile enough to remain reliable, flexible to ongoing environmental changes, and adapt to network expansionions over the span of the network infrastructure's life cycle. 

The operating system is also capable of providing additional network bandwidth capacity and network redundancy with the use of a simple standard Ethernet source for ease of deployment and  maximizing the options of different solution applications. 

If no fixed infrastructure is in place at the project site, A-OS can function as a reliable virtual fiber to connect other Anywhere Networks branded network nodes and access points for nearby IoT  and user devices wirelessly to form a privately owned network with complete end-to-end encryption for maximum security with unique links up to 25km apart from each other. 

A-OS is the most secure enterprise network infrastructure to provide reliable internet connectivity to devices anywhere, which can be easily managed by our Anywhere Node Manager (A-NM) tool. The network solution implements critical infrastructure network functions such as intelligent data path selection, multipath transmission, dynamic load balancing, class-of-service services, environment aware optimization, low latency, and generate minimal network jitter. 


Build an intelligent network that works for you 

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