Target Markets

Cities & Municipalities
Smart/safe City

Public Security

Safe Events

Traffic Monitoring

Crime Prevention

Municipality Control

smart city / safe city

Modern technology allows city authorities to manage today's urban challenges much faster and more effectively. Anywhere Networks’ wireless mesh systems provide public safety and other effective communication services that capture and streamline data from millions of sensors and devices. Unique features of our mesh equipment supersede the industry standard and provide communication solutions that grow the number of nodes and applications without growing the IoT-connectivity budget.


Municipal Mass Transportation 

Rapid Transit

Terminal & Airports

Piers & Bridges

Railway System

Anywhere Networks’ wireless mesh network provides an economical solution for distributing critical information required for safe transportation systems operations. Our Anywhere Network Nodes create an intelligent transportation system with high throughput and redundancy, high capacity, and extensive coverage. Anywhere Node Manager and Controller determine the optimal network configuration and maximize the outcome without noticeable delay of simultaneous streaming. Our Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology helps mass transit systems, airports and seaports in many countries around the globe to stream real-time video from remote locations and on-board security cameras, receive diagnostics data from vehicles and allow passengers enjoy stable broadband and on-board Wi-Fi access.

industrial / Manufacturing

Industrial Refineries

Extraction Fields

Freight Ports 

Plants & Warehouses


Wireless Mesh technology provides mission-critical condition monitoring, security, and wireless automation. The scalability and reliability of Anywhere Networks’ wireless mesh architecture enable the simultaneous streaming of data and video. It connects multiple devices, sensors, security, and control equipment at industrial seaports, tank farms, gas plants, chemical plants, power plants, and water treatment facilities. Today's industrial/manufacturing plants require productivity- and safety-enhancing applications which demand industrial IoT connectivity.



Public Schools

Sports Events


Video streaming plays an important role for school campus safety by providing live multimedia data transmission. The Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology we are using makes our wireless mesh network self-organizing, self-managing, reliable and easy and quick to deploy. The wireless mesh systems we develop provide significant savings to educators and make it the perfect connectivity solution for old and new structures. Multi-topology energy efficient configurations have no blind spots and help campus security protect students and faculty members.

Energy & Utilities

Electricity, Water, Gas Cable & Telephone Utilities


Many city governments pay very close attention to new technologies and started upgrading their existing systems to secure and smart networks. Utilities (water, electricity, sewage, gas) need to be protected and monitored. Anywhere Networks' intelligent mesh solution provided for Utilities is scalable, reliable, and secure. Our wireless mesh solutions are fully compliant and integrated with the existing wired (fiber) or wireless transmission infrastructure (backhaul). We help drive modernization of the utility grid and make it more efficient, reliable, interconnected, and cost-efficient.


Hospital Campuses

Medical Research Facilities

Nursing  and Rehabilitation Centers


Healthcare organizations can benefit from wireless mesh network technology. Anywhere Networks intelligent wireless systems help hospitals manage important tasks such as asset tracking and automating certain building functions such as lights. Healthcare wireless networks are overloaded with low-frequency IoT devices and need wireless mesh networks to give IT management more control over their network and support automation. Some IoT devices are used indoors in a healthcare setting and can help prioritize patient monitoring signals over less important communication.

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