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Product/solution overview webinar

Anywhere Networks' solutions

what makes networks intelligent

Wireless communication plays a pivotal role in all Smart City and Safe City projects.  Building an effective and easily scalable wireless network is the basis for any "Smart" city success. Anywhere Networks strives to provide highly competitive solutions for the modern IOT connectivity.


Anywhere Networks’ solutions and services are well suited for public safety and video surveillance applications for Smart Cities, Safe Cities, Transportation Networks, and Industrial Environments. Our Intelligent Connectivity Anywhere technology allows our networking solutions to provide smart connectivity and integrate with existing fiber networks breaking the traditional hopping limitations of traditional wireless mesh networks. It also allows boundless network extension made easier than ever before.


The key features of our networking solution are:

- Highest level of network security

- Fiber-like performance

- High network stability

- Low latency

- Load balance

- Class of Service

- High level of scalability, 19,200 locations and 300 data gateways on one network

- Ease of use, standard Ethernet connectivity anywhere

- Multi-path transmission

- Artificial intelligence, environment aware self-optimization

- Intelligent broadcast traffic management

- Intuitive GUI for network management

join our introductory webinar 04/18/2019

Webinar: Anywhere Networks: What makes networks intelligent.

(Product line /Road Map Overview)

Anywhere Networks: Learn what makes networks intelligent. (Product line /Road Map Overview) 
Thu, Apr 18, 2019 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM PDT 

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United States: +1 (669) 224-3412 

Access Code: 950-672-837 

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EST        Thursday, April 18, 2019 – 1:30 pm  

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AKST      Thursday, April 18, 2019 – 9:30 am 

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