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Partner Program: Technical Introduction & Design Class Training

Remote Service, Support & Training

Are you focusing on a niche industry or entering into a new market? Anywhere Networks provides a variety of training programs on wireless network infrastructure for our partners worldwide in over 20 countries situated across multiple time zones.

Our support team provides personalized training conducted in small class sizes to cater to the specific needs of the region to provide our partners with the right level of wireless knowledge support no matter their previous experience with or without wireless technology.

Training Program Summary

The Anywhere Networks Training Program & Certification Courses help AN channel partners with incorporating the benefits of wireless mesh networks into otherwise extremely complex installations that come naturally in large scale projects.

The course focuses on our products and solutions portfolio, the fundamentals and advanced knowledge of essential network concepts, wireless technology, and network design.

Technical Introduction

Learn about wireless technology and various system designs. Focus on the overview, challenges and the common issues of connectivity as a foundational course for further levels of our courses.

Design Class

Provides case-oriented practical training on how to design basic network topologies to overcome various challenges. Covers content from site design to BOM and basic installation practices.

Wireless Certification Training

Provides a comprehensive understanding of wireless technologies and systems. Assessment completion will be required to become an Anywhere Networks Certified Engineer.

Online Training Material

Additional online training material is also available on our YouTube Channel; including some basic tutorials on how to use the Anywhere Node Manager (A-NM)

A Time of Learning

Over the duration of 2020 - 2021, our partners have been unstoppable by the devastating effects of COVID-19 and have been building steady momentum in their understanding of the wireless market along with smarter deployment practices from the safety of their own homes and offices.

Zoom call example of training

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