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Wireless Versus Wired Network Infrastructure

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Should Wireless or Wired Solutions Be Used For Critical Network Infrastructure?

Should Wireless or Wired Solutions Be Used In Critical Network Infrastructure?

While the use of optical fibre has been the standard when building backbone IT network infrastructure, recent advances in wireless products and technologies are challenging that norm. Deploying a wireless network saves both time and money and can be installed where fibre connectivity is not feasible or even doable.


Deploying a wireless infrastructure saves up to 80% of the installation time compared to installing a fibre optic network. There is no need for all that trenching and other civil work required for cable installation. A wireless network can be installed in days instead of weeks or months.


There is also a huge cost saving to be made by going wireless. Connecting two locations at a distance of 1 km (0.6 mi) apart, the cost saving is 55%. Double the distance to 2 km (1.2 mi) and the saving of deploying a wireless network is as much as 82% compared with conventional fibre.


Given this massive saving of both time and money, it is surprising not to see more wireless networks being deployed.

What has been holding back a broader acceptance of wireless infrastructure in the past boils down to reliability, the complexity in installing and configuring, poor data throughput, un-secure connectivity, and a complex licensing model from many vendors.

Let us dissect the arguments.

Easy to design

Designing, installing, and configuring a wireless network used to be complex and contained an encyclopedia of buzzwords none other than the most hardcore wireless experts could decipher. But with the Design tools, Anywhere Networks has developed together with hands-on real-world centred Online training classes and videos, anyone can now learn to successfully design and configure a wireless network in just a couple of hours.

High bandwidth

A constant high data throughput with low latency and no jitter is critical for many enterprise-grade systems. Video Surveillance is probably the most demanding application with, sometimes, hundreds of high-resolution video streams transmitting simultaneously. At Anywhere Networks we designed our products specifically for video surveillance to ensure we meet the highest demands.

Wide coverage

Anywhere Networks' Smart Wireless Mesh network can deliver 1,000 Mbps covering connectivity over hundreds of kilometres. Yes, our largest Smart Wireless Mesh installation covers a total of more than 230 km (143 mi).

Maximum cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a serious matter for all products in the enterprise market. But cybersecurity can only be achieved if taking a holistic view. Therefore, all data traffic in Anywhere Networks’ Smart Wireless Mesh network is fully encrypted using AES-256, not only on every wireless link but throughout the whole wireless network.

No licensing

For some reason, the wireless industry has been stuck with licensing models almost more complex than the wireless network design used to be. High data throughput? Purchase a special license. Encryption? Add another license. And so on. At Anywhere Networks we have always believed in a customer-centric approach. Every product contains all functions and features – ready to be used with no hidden or extra costs or licenses. Ready out of the box!


While the perception of fibre cables as the reliable connectivity option, the reality is grimmer. Fibre cables break either due to heavy machines operating over the fibre or by uncareful civil works.

A Smart Wireless Mesh network, formed as a web of connectivity, has built-in redundancy and automatic failover connectivity and load-balancing, as data can flow in any direction and route throughout the whole network.


With an 80% time saving and 55% cost saving or more, and all the recent advances in ease-of-installation products and professional services, high-bandwidth over huge distances, with maximum cybersecurity and no hidden licensing fees, the reliable Smart Wireless Mesh network infrastructure is now becoming the norm in many professional installations.

It is not just wireless – it is a Smart Wireless Network from Anywhere Networks!

To learn more, contact us at Anywhere Networks, follow us on LinkedIn and check out our YouTube channel.

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